Times is tough… what’s a girl to do?

How ’bout work at an E3 booth?

This is a little overdue, but I figure you can never be too late with a set of “booth personnel” photos.  And since our WordPress is all sorts of bunk in terms of image uploads and splitting content between pages and who knows what else, you can expect this to be a very long post… you may like it.

Real Life Cheerleaders

These are the real life cheerleaders who provided motion capture for THQ’s All Star Cheer Squad 1 and 2.  They were really hyperactive… Game Fuel would probably make these women explode.

Nyko’s Booth Personnel

Nyko’s Booth Personnel: I was told that was the official name for them.  Nyko usually has red-wigged ladies at its booth…

The Where’s Waldo Girls

The Where’s Waldo Girls: I don’t think there was a more appropriate pairing of models than this one… at least not for E3.  None of us knew what the hell they were doing there, but they still let us take pictures.

Now Representing The Agency

Now Representing The Agency.  Why wasn’t The Agency playable on the showfloor?  That was sad.  This model made up for it a little, though.

Atlus’ Trauma Center Nurses

Atlus’ Trauma Center Nurses: I think there’s a lot of folks who wouldn’t mind going to the emergency room once or twice with these nurses.

BONUS IMAGE!  It’s not of girls…  Can YOU name the titles missing from SOE’s curious Timeline of Fame?  Surely this isn’t every MMO they’ve made…


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  1. July 2, 2009 at 9:31 am | Permalink

    I’m glad they brought the booth Babes back. I didn’t know yall were at E3 either! lol

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