Close Encounters of the Weird Kind in Champions Online – Part 2

Help! I’m being touched by hobos!
Help!  I’m being touched by hobos!

Two greasy half-naked hobos took time out of their daily routine of panhandling and speaking in jibberish to harrass me.

Trojan Man!

Trojan Man!

Is it wrong of me to be disappointed that this guy didn’t look like a huge, superpowered rubber instead of a real Trojan?  Yeah…probably.

Ooooooh!  Barracuda!


“If the real thing don’t do the trick…”

What is it with half-naked people harassing me today?!

Creepy Stalker

Totally creepy jogger chased me down today demanding an autograph.  I told him no.

I also gave him some advice on how to manage that chest hair of his.

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