Playing with our Massive Members

We often make reference in our podcasts to our weekly gaming night where the four Channel Massive hosts hop online to kick a little butt in CoX. More often than naught, we’re playing heroes on the Freedom server. If any of you would like to join in the fun, we’d be honored to fight along side with our dedicated ranks. The fun generally runs from 9:00PM until midnight MST every Monday night (tonight is no exception). If you’re interested send a tell saying, “let me on your massive team, bitch!” to one of the following heroes who are all around level 18-20: Cowboy Scotch, Death Angel X, Mrs. Misty, or Sunny-D. We usually run door missions or story arcs and have all but given up on attempting a three-hour task force (Episode 16). Hope to see you online.

P.S.: If you play a female alt, please make a pass at Sunny-D, so I will have more stories to tell in the podcast.

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