Episode 129: Dowels of the Doomspeaker

How many games are being played in this photo? 85.3% of people fail the multibox test!

Even with duress of exhaustion, Mark and Noah bravely record another episode of Channel Massive. The Turbine Offer Wall, Halo MMO and sexual side effects of Wii Fit could not be resisted.

Mark and Noah

Show Contents
00:00:00 – Intro
00:04:17 – What We’re Playing
00:12:13 – Mailbag
00:26:05 – Turbine’s Wall of Buy Buy Buy!
00:33:38 – The Halo MMOney Pit
00:38:57 – It Began as a Twinge
00:40:55 – We Have the Arts & Crafts to Take Over the Universe
00:44:57 – Government Spends Money to Save Money
00:52:40 – Conclusion and Planning for 150

Total Length 00:55:19

Music Credits

01 – Theme – Space 1999
02 – So Nice (Summer Samba) – Astrud Gilberto
03 – Speed of Night – The Young Gods
04 – Monkeys Rule – S.O.D.
05 – Seven Veils – Peter Murphy
06 – Walking in the Air – Nightwish
07 – Drowning – Mindfunk
08 – Dynamite – Scorpions
09 – Schwarzheim – Mordrak

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1 Comment to Episode 129: Dowels of the Doomspeaker

  1. coppertopper's Gravatar coppertopper
    May 9, 2010 at 7:28 am | Permalink

    So I don’t ever beleive there will be a ‘halo’ type killer app for the iPhone, because every platform on earth can do any game better then the iPhone does it. Games are just an appetizer compared to the great utility the iPhone offers. But I do love Space Miner and it’s the first game I’ve ever played OVER a 360 or PC game until I completed it. Come to think of it does any portable game system have a system selling killer app? I think they all share the same basic issue – great for the train or plane ride but are basically just offer fall-back gaming when neither a PC or console are practical.

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