We love to hear from you– either in emails, audio recordings or tweets. Send us one, and you’ll likely be in the Mailbag segment of our next episode.

Write to Us

Sing to Us (that is, send an audio file)
If you have simple recording software that can crank out an MP3, WAV, or other typical audio format file (Mark loves ogg vorbis), send it to us over email and we can put that in the show as well. Potential Inspiration: if you’d like to make a regular audio feature for us, like a floetry reading or quick rant about your favorite MMO or game, let us know– we could have a new segment on our hands!

Be a Guest Cohost/Interview Opportunities
We’re close to figuring out how to have the occasional, LIVE guest cohost on our show for special segments, interviews, or even full episodes. If you’re interested in being a guest host, send us an email to the address above.

Yeah, You Can Comment, Too
You can also leave comments for us on our blog posts, which we do check and respond to with our own comments, but you’re more likely to get on the show via one of the other methods above.

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