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Channel Massive Episode 186: Penetrating Insights

Summary Bob and Dan join as guest cohosts to discuss what its like to jump into Android game development, among many other topics in this super-sized episode.

What We’re Playing – 2011.04.20

Noah I really want Portal 2. But I haven’t gotten it. That’s because I have so many other games to play, and I’d like Portal 2 to be a nice birthday or Christmas gift request. That is, only if I can endure the excited stories and hype I’m likely to hear from my buds who [...]

Android – Four Free Games to Waste Time With

1.  Stupid Zombies (Gameresort) At first glance, you’re going to think “damn…this is just Angry Birds, but with zombies”.  And you’d be dead (pun definitely intended) wrong. The goal is simple – kill all the zombies on each level before you run out of bullets.  You get bonus points for how many bullets you have [...]

What We’re Playing – 2011.04.13

Jason Too little space.  Too little time.  So, I’ll just try to hit some of the highlights… One of the coolest things I’ve been doing lately is delving into the world of board games again.  I totally blame Noah for this rediscovery.  Especially for getting me into the Battlestar Galactica Board Game.  We’ve already lost [...]

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