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Channel Massive Episode 259: Sidequest – It Came from the South

Mark, Noah and special guest host Southern Scott spend extra time discussing a newsy week, before elaborating their DDO departure and planning a return to LoL.

Channel Massive Episode 258: Tales from the Dungeon – Ready to Die

Mark and Noah chat about why they don’t play EVE, how Steam Sales make them broke, and whether their DDO tour is DDONE.

Channel Massive Episode 256: Tales from the Dungeon – On Holiday

Mark and Noah take an extended, hilarious tour through news, movies and updates on their latest DDO adventures.

Channel Massive Episode 255: Tales from the Dungeon – Scent of a Kobold

Mark and Noah are whores for listeners who struggle to keep a straight face during the news. Also, much kobold killing in DDO.

Channel Massive Episode 253: Tales from the Dungeon – Ascension

Mark and Noah bring a little news back to the show with Amazon Indies and E3 predictions, plus their first adventures in DDO.

Channel Massive Episode 252: Old Republic Tales – Wrath of the Weevilsith

Mark and Noah spend their last night in SWTOR the best way possible: eliminating player Sith from Tatooine. Until the 55 shows up. Plus: show format update!

Too Sexy for This Game

I was going to write about how L.A. Noire’s facial expression animation personally impacts my gaming today, but then Funcom finally decided to do something we at Channel Massive have been asking and expecting for over a year. That’s right, Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures is going Free to Play. I’m pretty excited about this, [...]

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