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Channel Massive Episode 236: Sidequest – Neverwinter Beckons

Summary Mark and Noah are joined by Eric to discuss their adventures in and impressions of Cryptic’s upcoming Neverwinter MMO.

Interview with Neverwinter Developers: Why Quest When You Can Question?

During Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter’s beta press event last week, the Cryptic Studios developer team offered themselves up to be pelted with questions– in game. I felt like I was just getting my bearings within this new game world, but I forced myself to run over to the northern part of the city map, called [...]

Channel Massive Episode 227: Smelter’s Revenge

Summary As the show prepares to dive back into MMOs, much MMO news surfaces this week, along with a hilarious, sad story from Mark.

Channel Massive Episode 218: Onward

Summary Mark and Noah talk about Cliffy B roaming in the wild, Resident Evil 6 failure, Pandaria performance and more.

Channel Massive Episode 191: Unsubscribers Anonymous

Summary Bob returns to discuss Old Republic’s threat to World of Warcraft, the next Xbox, more Mass Effect 3 hysteria and even a portable Neo Geo.

Channel Massive Episode 179: The Portents of 2012

Summary Mark and Noah get all Mayan with their predictions for 2012– from smartphones to SWTOR and all in between.

Channel Massive Episode 165: Hologram of Love

Summary Noah and Mark talk compulsive gaming, Diablo hankering, holographic arcades and consumers giving the game industry a Vulcan grip.

Channel Massive Episode 164: F2P, Make It So

Summary Mark and Noah react to, detract and defend Star Trek Online‘s mission to boldly go F2P.

Too Sexy for This Game

I was going to write about how L.A. Noire’s facial expression animation personally impacts my gaming today, but then Funcom finally decided to do something we at Channel Massive have been asking and expecting for over a year. That’s right, Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures is going Free to Play. I’m pretty excited about this, [...]

Episode 152: Musket Polish

Summary Mark and Jason share more Cataclysm impressions, and then get into a bunch of MMO and general gaming news with Noah.

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