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Channel Massive Episode 267: The End is Nigh

In the next to last (or last traditional) episode of Channel Massive, Mark and Noah provide more info on what’s next, in addition to talking GTA and Valve’s new controller.

Channel Massive Episode 263: Tales from Azeroth – To Battle

Southern and Military Scott fill in for Mark to talk with Noah about Rift, Warcraft, female soldiers in Call of Duty and more.

Channel Massive Episode 260: Sidequest – Reenlisted

Mark and Noah regale you with not-so-drunk news discussion, stories of our first time in League of Legends for Monday Game Night, and a decision on our next 2-month MMO tour.

Channel Massive Episode 217: Supersize It

Summary Mark and Noah Steam’s upcoming linux client, cable-provided video games, Dredd 3D, and taste-test the new Mountain Dew live.

Channel Massive Episode 216: Doctors Departed

Summary Mark and Noah discuss the big Bioware news of the last week, in addition to Black Mesa, Obsidian, the Game of Thrones boardgame, books, mountain dew and more.

Episode 162 – Merely a Coma

Summary Mark and Noah come out of the bunker to discuss what they’ve been playing, thoughts on Diablo III‘s money making machine and whether PS3 is in their future.

Episode 161 – Judgement Day

Mark and Noah dissect the League of Legends Tribunal system and it’s impact on the industry. Running Time – 00:35:51 Music: Master of Puppets – Metallica Get it Together – Beastie Boys N.W.O. – Ministry

What We’re Playing – 2011.06.02

“Hi… uhhh… we’re here for the, uh, swingers’ party?” Noah Because I’ve talked about it enough, I’m happy to report that I finished Enslaved on 360 last weekend. You may recall last week that I was having a lot of issues with the “enslaver” of the the game– annoying hippie hacker Trip– and that I [...]

What We’re Playing – 2011.05.26

Jason (Top 10 List Style Because I’m Lame and I Broke My Brain.  Me broke brain?  Uh oh.) 1.  It’s polished and relatively bug free. 2.  Which is awesome, because most (all) new MMO’s ship out with a plethora of lame bugs that don’t get fixed until months or years after the fact.  Kudos to Trion. 3. [...]

Channel Massive Legends 3: You’re So Vayne

Summary Scott, Mark, and Noah are back for Episode 3 of Channel Massive Legends. Join us as we discuss our Champion projects from the last two weeks and the new champion Vayne. Hosts Scott, Mark and Noah Show Contents 00:00…  Introduction and “who Noah’s been playing” 11:00…  Patch.118 round table discussion 27:05…  Next episode’s champion choices Total Length [...]

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