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Channel Massive Episode 215: All Together

Summary Scott and Bob rejoin Mark and Noah to talk Black Mesa Source, Wii U, multiplayer only and a few more DragonCon memories.

Channel Massive Episode 204: Diaper Thong

Summary Mark and Noah react to the rumored Xbox 720 specs, Guild Wars 2 besting SWTOR, Microsoft’s Surface and whether there’s too much rumor in gaming journalism. Oh, and also Diablo III ridiculousness, sex in video games, video games reducing crime and even more…

Channel Massive Episode 201: Pony Rich, Techno Poor

Summary Mark and Noah discuss technology empowerment, D&D, a new DC fighter, a Lord of the Rings MOBA and much more.

Channel Massive Episode 195: Like Jedi, Like Sith

Summary Mark and Noah are joined by Southern Scott to discuss the Legacy patch’s impact on Star Wars: The Old Republic, in addition to Valve and Apple rumors.

Channel Massive Episode 191: Unsubscribers Anonymous

Summary Bob returns to discuss Old Republic’s threat to World of Warcraft, the next Xbox, more Mass Effect 3 hysteria and even a portable Neo Geo.

Channel Massive Episode 181: Something Something Star Wars

Summary Scott joins Mark and Noah not to talk League of Legends but SWTOR and the reinvention of D&D.

Channel Massive Episode 179: The Portents of 2012

Summary Mark and Noah get all Mayan with their predictions for 2012– from smartphones to SWTOR and all in between.

Channel Massive Episode 178: Census of the Sith

Summary Mark and Noah discuss personal and critical response to Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Channel Massive Episode 176: Embrace the Doom

Summary Noah and Mark flag down the news blimps to discuss ToR’s profitability, the end of console gaming, Obsidian’s next project and 10 other things.

Channel Massive Episode 168: Prometheus

Summary We talk about Old Republic Beta action, guage our excitement for Kindle Fire and debate the downfall of manliness.

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