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Channel Massive Episode 225: Coming Soon

Summary Mark and Noah reveal what will happen on Channel Massive in 2013, and discuss some sweet games available on Steam.

Channel Massive Episode 223: Enjoy the Silence

Summary Mark and Noah discuss the point of silent protagonists, tablets being the future of gaming, and SWTOR and Pandarian success.

Channel Massive Episode 218: Onward

Summary Mark and Noah talk about Cliffy B roaming in the wild, Resident Evil 6 failure, Pandaria performance and more.

Channel Massive Episode 215: All Together

Summary Scott and Bob rejoin Mark and Noah to talk Black Mesa Source, Wii U, multiplayer only and a few more DragonCon memories.

Channel Massive Episode 211: Quick n Dirty

Summary In this streamlined show, Mark and Noah debate whether WoW and Secret World should go free to play, Noah finally finishes Mass Effect 3, and more.

Channel Massive Episode 191: Unsubscribers Anonymous

Summary Bob returns to discuss Old Republic’s threat to World of Warcraft, the next Xbox, more Mass Effect 3 hysteria and even a portable Neo Geo.

Channel Massive Episode 189: Spectral Delivery

Summary So much to talk about that some is shoved in the intro. WoW’s resubscription ploy, the Steambox, Mass Effect 3 and much more…

Channel Massive Episode 179: The Portents of 2012

Summary Mark and Noah get all Mayan with their predictions for 2012– from smartphones to SWTOR and all in between.

Channel Massive Episode 173: Blowin’ It Up

Summary Mark and Noah discuss Uncharted and Rocksmith, the Game of Thrones RPG, WoW‘s declining numbers and much, much more…

Channel Massive Episode 171: The Furry Within

Summary Noah and Mark discuss Mists of Pandaria, free Diablo III, the White Wolf MMO and mass telepathy.

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