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What We’re Playing – 2011.06.02

“Hi… uhhh… we’re here for the, uh, swingers’ party?” Noah Because I’ve talked about it enough, I’m happy to report that I finished Enslaved on 360 last weekend. You may recall last week that I was having a lot of issues with the “enslaver” of the the game– annoying hippie hacker Trip– and that I [...]

What We’re Playing – 2011.05.26

Jason (Top 10 List Style Because I’m Lame and I Broke My Brain.  Me broke brain?  Uh oh.) 1.  It’s polished and relatively bug free. 2.  Which is awesome, because most (all) new MMO’s ship out with a plethora of lame bugs that don’t get fixed until months or years after the fact.  Kudos to Trion. 3. [...]

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