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Channel Massive Episode 260: Sidequest – Reenlisted

Mark and Noah regale you with not-so-drunk news discussion, stories of our first time in League of Legends for Monday Game Night, and a decision on our next 2-month MMO tour.

Channel Massive Episode 257: Sidequest – Corkscrew Boom

Mark and Noah joyfully diverge into passive aggressive attacks before talking Mattri-zynga and Mark’s awesome Planetside 2 divergence.

Channel Massive Episode 226: Sunset over Paragon City

Summary Mark and Noah discuss what happened to NC Soft after shutting down City of Heroes, dwarven D&D hijinks, and remind you of the upcoming new format!

Channel Massive Episode 221: Ethicz

Summary Mark and Noah debate whether game designers need be ethical in their machinations, in addition to Mark finding a soulmate that’s not sexygurl88.

Channel Massive Episode 209: Steam Powered

Summary Mark and Noah discuss how Steam Sales really impact developers, nitenol, karma for copycats and more.

Channel Massive Episode 185: Dallas Doldrums

Summary Mark joins the show from Dallas to talk with Noah and returning guest host Jeff about Zynga innovation, Double Fine’s revolution and favorite deserted island games.

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