Why cure cancer when we can create the perfect wine?

Yeah…nothing to do with MMO’s or gaming, but I couldn’t help myself.

Games are a passion of mine, but so is a nice bottle of wine. If you gave me the choice between getting to level 70 in an MMO and a glass of a great Bordeaux, I’d probably take the glass and say “cheers!”

I first drank a glass of Pinot Noir in cooking school. I was fairly new to tasting wine on a regular basis and you could say that I was more of a “beer man.” The instructor asked for everyone’s opinion on the wine. The standard “peppery with a light tone of cherry” and “earthy with hints of spice” responses were about as good as anyone could come up with.

When it was my turn to offer up my thoughts, I told my instructor that it was ‘so complex I felt my senses had been violated.’ It was the stone cold truth! I’d never tasted anything so rich and bizarre before. One sip would taste like cherries and the next would taste like flowers. I could taste like 20-30 different things every time I took a drink.

She and the rest of the class laughed at my seemingly simple and brutal analysis of the wine. She even made a comment about it during our graduation ceremony which made me feel a little embarrassed.

Now I have some science to back me up.  Researchers from France and Italy have mapped the genome of the Pinot Noir grape. Their findings have discovered that it’s DNA is more complex than human DNA.

I guess when you ingest something that has more genes in it than you (30,000 compared to our paltry 20,000-25,000), your senses will be shocked a bit!

Needless to say, I can’t wait to email this link to my wine instructor.  I think I’ll do it as I drink a bottle of Pinot tonight.


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  1. September 28, 2007 at 1:33 am | Permalink

    Wow, and I always took you for a Mad Dog 20/20 guy…boy was I wrong…

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