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Channel Massive Episode 237: Tales from Azeroth – Splitting the Party

Summary Mark, Noah and company attempt PvP battlegrounds, followed by some rather wipey instances and Valentine’s hijinks.

Channel Massive Episode 236: Sidequest – Neverwinter Beckons

Summary Mark and Noah are joined by Eric to discuss their adventures in and impressions of Cryptic’s upcoming Neverwinter MMO.

Channel Massive Episode 235: Tales from Azeroth – That’s a Wipe

Summary Mark and Noah share their misadventures in two more instances, where everyone died. Twice. Also: some additional surprising stories and feedback.

Channel Massive Episode 234: Tales from Azeroth – Consensual Instance

Summary Great teammates, loot hoarders and accidental PvP: Mark and Noah share stories of leveling up to and playing through their first instances in World of Warcraft.

Channel Massive Episode 233: Tales from Azeroth – Animal Lovers

Summary Mark and Noah succumb to the thrill of pet battling and fail to gain much XP, while Hilge buzzes away.

Channel Massive Episode 232: Tales from Azeroth – Panda Horde

Summary Noah and Mark are joined by several new Pandaren as they play through the rest of the Wandering Isle starting zone, ultimately choosing an alliance.

Channel Massive Episode 231: Tales from Azeroth – Enter Pandaria

For season 8 of Channel Massive, Mark and Noah are returning to MMOs, starting with World of Warcraft.

Channel Massive Episode 230: The Antici…

Summary For their last “normal” episode, Mark and Noah compare notes with PC Gamer’s most anticipated games of 2013.

Channel Massive Episode 229: Predictions for Judgment

Summary Mark and Noah make some predictions for 2013 after digging through some other websites’ best guesses.

Channel Massive Episode 228: Newslets

Summary Mark and Noah run through some quick news bits to tide you over until they get back to World of Warcraft.

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