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Channel Massive Episode 236: Sidequest – Neverwinter Beckons

Summary Mark and Noah are joined by Eric to discuss their adventures in and impressions of Cryptic’s upcoming Neverwinter MMO.

Channel Massive Episode 233: Tales from Azeroth – Animal Lovers

Summary Mark and Noah succumb to the thrill of pet battling and fail to gain much XP, while Hilge buzzes away.

Channel Massive Episode 232: Tales from Azeroth – Panda Horde

Summary Noah and Mark are joined by several new Pandaren as they play through the rest of the Wandering Isle starting zone, ultimately choosing an alliance.

Channel Massive Episode 207: Time for Secrets

Summary Eric joins us to dive deep into the Secret World and talk Walking Dead, comics and more.

Channel Massive Episode 205: Awkward Journey to Hell

Summary Mark and Noah round up a second mega panel of nine hosts to talk whether Diablo III is everything we hoped, plus a random conversation on summer movies.

Channel Massive Episode 186: Penetrating Insights

Summary Bob and Dan join as guest cohosts to discuss what its like to jump into Android game development, among many other topics in this super-sized episode.

Channel Massive Episode 181: Something Something Star Wars

Summary Scott joins Mark and Noah not to talk League of Legends but SWTOR and the reinvention of D&D.

Channel Massive Episode 178: Census of the Sith

Summary Mark and Noah discuss personal and critical response to Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Episode 157 – Metropolized

“Give me back my tights, you fiend!” Summary Noah and Eric team up in DC Universe Online and then bust out the mics to give their impressions: one 50 hours deep, the other 3 hours.

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