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What We’re Playing – 2011.05.18

Mark Having finally finished Dragon Age 2, I planned on playing Dragon Age: Origins Awakening but found that I need a break from Dragons and Ages and stuff. I then tried playing Mass Effect but realized that in fact, I needed a break from Bioware in general. So I’m playing the Witcher – Director’s Cut [...]

Channel Massive Legends: Episode 1 – Branded

Summary Scott, Mark and Noah bring a new podcast to Channel Massive with Channel Massive Legends, an open-ended podcast series about League of Legends. This week, who we’re playing and all about Brand.

What We’re Playing – 2011.04.20

Noah I really want Portal 2. But I haven’t gotten it. That’s because I have so many other games to play, and I’d like Portal 2 to be a nice birthday or Christmas gift request. That is, only if I can endure the excited stories and hype I’m likely to hear from my buds who [...]

What We’re Playing – 2011.04.13

Jason Too little space.  Too little time.  So, I’ll just try to hit some of the highlights… One of the coolest things I’ve been doing lately is delving into the world of board games again.  I totally blame Noah for this rediscovery.  Especially for getting me into the Battlestar Galactica Board Game.  We’ve already lost [...]

Haters of Newerth: I Got Your Rage Quit

or, “How Can a 1-Year Old Game That’s Not F2P Still Be THIS Broken?” I bought Heroes of Newerth during its $10 special this last weekend. As I’ve always said, it has superior graphics, artistic design and sound to League of Legends, but my one and only game last Friday night infuriated me to no [...]

What We’re Playing – 2011.03.28

Mark I am continuing my first play-through of Dragon Age II. I have to say that I’m liking it the more I play and am getting drawn into the story which, while not as EPIC and Dragon Age: Origins, is still more compelling than 90% of competing MMOs. As I play this game, which occasionally [...]

What We’re Playing! 2011.03.21

Mark: I’m playing a lot of Dragon Age 2 and a little bit of League of Legends. My Cataclysm experience has been put on hold due to the release of DA2. I’m currently enjoying the latest from Bioware but, to me, the EPIC feel from it’s predecessor is missing. I feel more like I’m playing [...]

Lore of Legends: Olaf

An interesting fellow has been introduced by the developers over at Riot Games by the name of Olaf. He seems to be a Berserker/Viking character who has some neat moves at his disposal. The first thing to consider is his passive. For every percentage of health that he loses his attack speed increases! I usually [...]

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