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Better Go to Fandango Now!

With all the horror stories we have of Channel Massive’s past game day LAN parties, our staff probably could have written the script for this movie; but someone beat us to it. LAN Party Massacre is a Comedy/Horror Slasher film that is a direct parody of video game culture, but a classic slasher film at [...]

Channel Massive Ingame

Better late than never… We have finally gathered the info that we’ve been promising you. Below is the comprehensive list of active alts belonging to the Channel Massive staff in AoC and WoW. Shoot us a tell for a guild invite. Hope to see you all online. World of Warcraft Xulin – Level 68 BELF [...]

SWM seeking Buddies – Must Love Video Games

We are looking for 16 buddies to be exact. Age of Conan finally released the long-awaited Buddy Keys. We have 16 of them that we would love to give away. We will give them away on a first come, first serve basis; but of course, there’s a catch… We would like for you to open [...]

Episode 49 – Beware the Proboscis

This week, the M-Team discusses banned Norwegian profanity, the WotLK Beta, slappin’ Slim Jims, and the Blog-O-Steria around AoC women hitting like girls. 00:01:10 Introduction 00:04:35 What We’re Playing 00:12:33 Mail Bag 00:25:45 The Week in Gaming 00:40:00 Blog-O-Steria 01:04:36 Conclusion

Episode 48 – Huge in Sweden

The M-Team accidentally loses its Qwest sponsorship, but gains a couple listeners from abroad. Also discussed is the Star Wars Galaxies anniversary, some Blizzard news, and Richard Bartle is thrust into Blog-O-Steria. 00:01:07 Introduction 00:04:50 What We’re Playing 00:19:03 Mail Bag 00:33:53 The Week in Gaming 00:44:37 Blog-O-Steria 01:14:18 Conclusion

The Physical World of Warcraft

For the amateur physicists out there — game design consultant, James Wallis has spent his sabbatical analyzing WoW. Using various methods, he has calculated the size, density and gravity of the planetoid you know as Azeroth. Azeroth is a very small planet, yet it has a gravity comparable to earth’s. Through clever means, James is [...]

I’m Not Pointing Any Fingers, But…

…if the shoe fits, I suppose. You are, afterall, reading a blog post on a website dedicated to writing and talking about Massively Multiplayer Online Video Games, so I can’t imagine this is the first time someone has called you a nerd. Anyway, I listened to the Public Radio syndicated show, The Sound of Young [...]

Episode 47 – Victims of MMOs

This week’s M-Team discussions include why AoC is fun because you get to burn stuff, the KOTOR rumour mill, reaction to in-game ads and the Blog-O-Steria around proposed ISP subscription models and NGE rants. 00:00:00 Introduction 00:04:02 What We’re Playing 00:11:23 Mail Bag 00:34:27 The Week in Gaming 01:01:48 Blog-O-Steria 01:26:21 Conclusion

Episode 46 – Blog-O-Steria

The M-Team introduces a new segment and discusses the possibility of a new Fantasy Island MMO, an unplanned Eve online extinction event, MMORPG Tycoon, MMO gods (has-been, ego-maniacal, poser, douche bags), and more. 00:00:00 Introduction 00:03:32 What We’re Playing 00:16:50 Mail Bag 00:42:59 The Week in Gaming 01:07:53 Blog-O-Steria 01:23:20 Conclusion

World of World of Warcraft: The Future of Gaming

From America’s Finest News Source, The Onion, comes this breaking story of Blizzard’s newest property that puts gamers in the role of a WoW player. Game characters can be customized with glasses, scraggly goatees, and pale skin and can be directed to drink soda and eat Hot Pockets. Pre-order Your Copy NOW!!!

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